Hard Drive Powerwash

Hard Drive Powerwash

Hard Drive Powerwash is a Windows Utility that enables it's...

Hard Drive Powerwash is a Windows Utility that enables it's users to remove file clutter from their systems quickly and easily. What is file clutter?

=====================File Clutter generally refers to files created by programs for temporary use. Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and others routinely save the content of every page we visit.

Including images, text, script, cookies among others. In fact most Windows software create temporary files that are no longer needed but often not removed.

Performance===========In simple terms, Windows maintains a list of all files on our hard drives, the longer the list, the longer it takes to access the files we need.

This directly affects our computers speed. Privacy=======Another aspect to consider is privacy. Everything we do on our computers is stored in these files.

By removing this clutter we in effect protect our privacy.

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Hard Drive Powerwash


Hard Drive Powerwash

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